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hard time for all of us

At a time when our country faces one of our most challenging events, we are rightfully focused upon keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe and healthy. As a result, our normal everyday habits are being altered. We go out less, have restricted contact with others, and continue, hopefully, to do the prescribed steps to diminish the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. It is a time of joining together and doing our part to help slow the transmission of the contagion with common sense and good hygiene—a time to stay informed, vigilant, and forgo panic. Remember, fear only disrupts rational action and cripples common sense.

We realize many things take precedence over the less-essentials like art. But should you still wish to add a little beauty to your home as you spend more time in it, we are going to help a bit. We will reduce all Pen's limited edition prints from $70 to $50. Please use the code PRINTS at the checkout. For original paintings, we will offer a 15% discount.. Use the code PAINTINGS at the checkout to receive this discount. Shipping charges are extra. We will continue this special until further notice. We hope this will help keep art in your home and make it a little easier. Please be safe and continue staying healthy!

Pen & Padraic

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One of the hardest things for me to do is talk about myself. So I'll start with some of the things I like:


I love the rain, being snowed in, cats, campfires, sleeping in a sleeping bag, taking care of those I love, getting up before the sun to work on my art, and the feeling of working and reworking a section of a painting, over and over, then making just the right stroke and seeing it all come together.

With my art, I want to capture the spirit and personality of my subjects. I enjoy going beyond realism in trying to bring out characteristics of the subject with line, form, and color.  I love the challenge of finding that "something" in the subject that I can portray in my own way.


This is who I am through ink and paint.

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