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Unique Wildlife Paintings & Limited Edition Prints

"Reflecting an influence of Pacific Northwest Coast Art, Pen's paintings give a fresh view of animals, insects, and plants. Her work is intended to focus upon the beauty, grace, and design of these creatures through a stylized and contemporary approach."

For over 35 years, reinforced by countless hiking, kayaking, and camping adventures throughout the country, Pen has developed a great appreciation for wildlife. She has worked as a graphic artist and as a botanical and zoological model builder for museum exhibits throughout the world. Pen now devotes her time creating contemporary wildlife paintings in acrylic and India ink. Her unique style goes beyond traditional representation and utilizes color forms and delicate line work to express her interpretation of the plants and animals that share our amazing world.

"Evidence of Life"


Cuckoo copy.jpg


"Preying Eyes"

"Montana Sky"

"With the horses watered and fed and cattle settled in for the night, a weary cowboy sets beneath a blanket of glistening stars in the clear Montana sky. A quiet evening and a cup of hot coffee from the campfire helps to warm a bit of the autumn chill drifting across the plains."


Years ago, I and my husband, Padraic, created numerous illustrations for various clients. Many times, we would combine our creativity and we both would work on different parts of the same image. Montana Sky is an example of one of our collaborative works. 

We decided, for a limited time, to offer reproductions of this original Prismacolor drawing. Click here for more information.

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