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A Brief History

A Brief History

Pen Brady was born the youngest of five children in a small farm house in mid-Missouri. Her mom and dad shared a great love for the outdoors and their influence played a huge role in Pen’s love and respect for the flora, and fauna of our earth. These values easily merged with the direction of her art.Pen studied art at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri. She married Padraic Brady, and worked together in graphic design while raising their daughters. They moved to southern Missouri in 1996 and began working at Chase Studios, fabricating natural history exhibits for museums worldwide. Pen honed her attention to detail by creating botanical and vertebrate models. This work not only furthered her knowledge of the natural world but helped her develop patience and focus on small details. It was during this time, using linear and spacial components, that her distinctive style began to emerge.

Pen’s vision of the natural world comes to fruition in her acrylic and India ink paintings.

Her work is an assemblage of intricate lines, color, and form reflecting nature through her eyes. The goal of each painting is to convey

the uniqueness and beauty of her subjects—none being too humble or too grand. Capturing the grace, attitude, or nuances of each allows the viewer to experience a new awareness of the world of nature.


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